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My San Francisco Dining Wishlist; Acquerello, Saison & More

My San Francisco Dining Wishlist; Acquerello, Saison & More

With a highly anticipated trip comes the joy of planning activities or in my case where & when to eat! I have yet to visit the west coast (I know how southern of me), but for my first trip to the bay, I'm ready to see & munch down on all it has to offer. Here are a few restaurants & dishes on my dining wishlist.


Judging by Acquerello's sophisticated Instagram page showing there beautiful plating options & delectable food (photographed by San Franciso based Italian photographer Giancarlo Paterlini) I can tell that they take their image seriously which I appreciate. Along with the chic, "dress up if you come here" (and why wouldn't you considering the price point!) vibe the food looks amazing. From "the famed parmesan budino surrounded by black truffle “caviar." to the seasonal tasting menu containing the Confit duck egg, grilled chicory, cauliflower, truffle balsamic* & King Crab, roasted pumpkin, brown butter Zabaglione! Can someone say yum? Acquerello is at the top of my list for dining experiences to be shared in San Francisco without a doubt as it's almost as if it was made to feed my Italian cuisine buds.



Cooking around an open wood fire is Saison's way to go. Going on there website to review the menu & instagram you won't find much. Saison is what you want it to be "A meal at Saison is whatever you want it to be—within reason. There are no set menus. Our team tailors each diner’s experience to the individual’s preferences and desired duration" along with the n-menu policy the dress code is relaxed as they insist you simply "come as they are" so why exactly would I want to eat at a restaurant with no menu? Because it's exciting. Saison is built around the culture "few constraints" because culture is pushing the envelope. Dinner at Saison will be an experienced tailored to your needs & you can go in jeans (though I’m wearing heels). What's not to love?



Originally Californios wasn't on my "Must Dine" list. Nothing personal to the establishment but as we know by now Mexican Cusine isn't my usual path which is absolutely the reason I decided to put it on my list (see how that works?) Having a 4.7 on google reviews also helped me make that decision but furthermore the name itself is rather catchy & I appreciate good marketing. While the name is approachable, the menu is yet again a mystery of a "The style is minimal, maximizing a purity of flavor and expression of ingredients. Our menu changes with the seasons. Each night we serve an ever-evolving collection of around 16 courses." Once again I'm excited to try this out. The Purity of flavor & expression of ingredients reminds me of the simple yet complex course I had at Blue Hill & while it wasn't my favorite the experience is one that will always be memorable. With my dietary changes being catered towards eating clean food a dining experience here would be "eating out but in" which is something I'm excited about.



Spruce excites me in a way that none of these restaurants have being that it gets my sweet tooth going! While I love tasting menu's, there's nothing like having a complete meal with no frills. Spruce's "California Cusine" (still figuring out what this means) looks mouthwatering on their Instagram page.

They have an assortment of dinner options from Roasted Duart Salmon & Heritage Chicken and Boudin Blanc! It gets my southern carnivore tendencies tingling. It shows you can take the girl out of the south but never the southern out of the girl.


The Progress

The Progress is also a personal choice that feeds my more casual foodie inclinations. I'm not going to lie it is a bit "meaty" for me judging off of the menu, but I'm a girl with a thing for brussels sprouts & chickpeas. What interested me the most about The Progress is the history of The Progress Theatre which opened in 1911 the restaurant itself was opened in 2014 and has since remained it's Michelin Star & also happens to have high ratings across the board.

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