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Bacchanalia ATL ; Atlanta's "Michelin"

Bacchanalia ATL ; Atlanta's "Michelin"

Bacchanalia is one of those Atlanta Mysteries you're told about it, and it's paired with some obscure street & "side of town" that us southern's assume you know. Located in the westside district Bacchanalia isn't in the heart of the action and requires a special trip outside of your usual dinner spots on the westside. The special trip is more than worth it & Bacchanalia's guest dress for the occasion.

The grande dame of Atlanta’s culinary scene scores again with the newest incarnation of her signature restaurant.
— Conde Nast

My friend was able to secure a reservation at the restaurant to indulge me in my foodie cravings! Approaching the restaurant, it appeared to be ginormous, but as I soon learned they had recently relocated to this location (why rent when you can own right?). Walking into the restaurant right at opening we were greeted by their charming staff and showed directly to snug corner table near the sleek floor to ceiling windows. I was impressed by the interior everything was extremely clean yet intimate. The tones of the hanging scones were just right, and as the evening went on, they cast a beautiful reflection on those windows. Nearly all of my fine dining experiences have been in New York City so it was refreshing to see what my hometown has to offer and I sure was instore for a treat

Plates are presented with little fuss but lots of flavor.
— Forbes Travel Guide

After being seated we went right into the menu the problem I face with nearly every restaurant I visit is that everything looks good when in doubt go with the Four Course Chef's Tasting menu & wine pairings! As the restaurant began to fill Atlanta was showing it's very best from Chanel bags to Manolo's Bacchanalia is definitely my scene as it's elegant yet relaxed. The staff has that hint of southern politeness without being overbearing. Oh, and how could I forget the food!?

I'm 99% sure you can't go wrong with anything on Bacchanalia's menu. Keeping it between us plenty of course menu depends too much on one course for flavor, but this menu packed it in every dish. I even did the unthinkable and steak. While you can't go wrong with anything, the one dish that Bacchanalia does exceptionally well is the Crab Fritter. If you're a meat person (or not), you can't go wrong with the Dry Aged Brasstown Strip.

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