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Planta Miami ; High End Vegan

Planta Miami ; High End Vegan

Hidden behind lush green palm leaves & Red Ferraris you'll find Planta. One of the trendiest restaurants in South Beach like many restaurants in Miami it's filled with large windows, chill vibes & booze but except Planta is 100% vegan. Yes, vegan as in no meat nor dairy products but unlike your typical mom & pop vegan shop Planta is high-end vegan with prices & the perfect Miami environment to match.

Entirely vegan, the eatery prepares items that burst with color and flavor.
— Miami New Times

After clearing your way through the palm fronds, you walk into an open concept area with a porch like an addition on your left the air at Planta whispers nonchalant health or as we call it now “wellness”. Planta knows there good, and the staff acts like it after waiting for a few minutes for my table I was seated in a comfy corner booth with afforded me great views of the restaurant.

IMG_0718 2.jpg

First up for tonight was the cauliflower tots. This dish combined two of my favorite things in this world cauliflower & “tater tots” topped with truffle almond parmesan these things were delicious & my only regret is that I didn't order more.

Plates are presented with little fuss but lots of flavor.
— Forbes Travel Guide

Whether you're an in-between vegan or an "I eat whatever I want" type of person you'll surely enjoy your experience at Planta. My personal favorite of the night was the Planta Burger while it doesn’t taste quite like a burger it’s still delicious then the cauliflower tots followed by the Gnocchetti Pasta which wasn't bad but wasn't necessarily worth a trip back either. Overall you can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Give it a try and comment below with your thoughts.

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